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Our background and experience gives us a holistic project management, construction management and project controls service offering, including design management, resource management, master scheduling, advice on project delivery methods and best practices to ensure better overall outcomes. This ensures clients’ capital investment projects are planned, sponsored, selected and managed in a manner that leads to successful development and delivery.

We   assist   clients to   manage a portfolio of projects in an integrated manner while ensuring each project is administered independently.


We deliver project success through effective planning, the right team and rigorous controls.

We contribute to the contractor prequalification through understanding the program objectives, project requirements and performance expectations of all. We also provide input in the preparation of contracts through advice and strategic recommendations as to the contract form, content and structure for each contractor or vendor.


Through bid management we are also able to guide the bidding and contractor engagement process to the best interests of our clients. Once the bid matrix is developed and appointments aligned, we conduct pre-award interviews with the potential contractors to ensure their management and delivery teams are well resourced to meet the project’s expectations.


Following the engagement of the design consultants, we also facilitate the preparation and manage the design deliverables schedule to ensure it meets the overall master project schedule and the construction schedule.



By understanding and aligning with the stakeholders’ objectives in the initial phase, we manage the resource requirements, overall commercialization schedules as well as any constraints and milestones.

The output of this planning results in a project execution plan that enables the owner to organize and engage with a project delivery method and project team to successfully execute the project, including budgets, schedules, risks registers and other planning documents.

Our schedulers who are also trained in claims management ensure that the development of schedules is productivity based to help to increase their reliability in measuring, reporting and forecasting progress of the project.  We ensure that schedules are resource loaded so they can be used to manage procurement as well as deployment of project resources. This therefore makes the schedule a powerful tool for project management and control and helps in making key decisions such as when to mobilize and demobilize resource, besides being a critical tool for assessing claims and providing visibility of the project status and performance.



We facilitate risk workshops and provide project risk management plans to identify and mitigate project risks. Once a risk is identified through continuous project risks assessment, it is tracked and the status regularly updated as the project progresses through the design engineering and build cycle. This exercise helps to reduce project costs, reduce schedule slippages and better contingency management by appropriating the required contingencies thus freeing up any excesses.

We compile risk logs and prepare risk mitigation plans. We also advise on formation of risk committees and risk treatment mechanisms.


Our goals include driving value and protecting the owner’s interests. We therefore help identify areas of potential, savings and facilitate alignment of key engineering deliverables with the scope of work and corresponding work breakdown structure. 

We advise on the appropriate procurement approaches, suitable forms of contract and work packages.


We lead project team meetings and help keep teams on track and aligned to the action items critical to support the completion of the project in line with the client’s goals and objectives.

We also begin the commissioning and project close-out processes well in advance of project completion to ensure timely and quality provision of required documents, certifications and training of owner/ operational personnel.

We advise on the appropriate procurement approaches, suitable forms of contract and work packages.


It is important to separate Project Management roles from design so as to allow focused and independent management and contract administration of construction works without competing demands for time, distractions or conflicts between design and Project Management. Doing so helps the project to achieve timely completion, efficient construction planning and better focus on the project objectives such as control of costs, minimization of disruption to ongoing operations, avoidance of safety oversights,  reduction of contractual disputes/ claims and ultimately improve predictability, visibility and project success.

We provide construction managers during project construction phase who focus mainly on schedule management, construction planning and contract administration (including change management and payment certification). With experience we have noted that this brings a number of benefits to projects, including but not limited to:

  • Coordinated and effective communication and information flow between the client, designers, contractors and nominated suppliers.
  • Better identification and management of risks and opportunities not in the remit of designers or the contractor which leads to value addition, time reduction and cost savings.
  • Closer monitoring and reporting of project matters and progress.
  • Overall reduction in project time.

Through our experienced construction managers, we ensure that projects are planned and procured and executed on time and budget with a constant eye on creating the best quality developments in the market. We initiate and lead the effort to coordinate work of all contractors in line with the project safety, budget, quality and schedule objectives.


We provide accurate data and forecasting for every step of a project through the co-ordination and control of cost and by accurate scheduling management. Our services support decision making, enable integration of financial and project accounting systems to ensure effective and accurate data and provide regular status reports on performance including earned value analysis. 

Project controls is one of the core services delivered by our integrated project and programme management consultancy. It enables our clients to control and manage changes; identify possible impacts; maintain oversight of all project activities that affect cost; and schedule with live reporting against project parameters. We achieve this by:

  • Applying robust and pro-active controls from a clear baseline to deliver confidence in programme and project performance, including contract administration, scope, change order and risk management.
  • Cost and commercial management through driving and safeguarding the clients’ commercial interests from start to finish.
  • Procurement management through developing and delivering procurement and supply chain strategies that get the best results from the market.


Safety to all individuals involved in the project and the general public during project implementation and after is our priority in project planning through embedding the strategies and culture that support effective operations and maintain a safe and healthy environment. 

We believe in safe execution of projects and in compliance with not only legal requirements but also exceeding expectation in implementing health and safety international best industry practices. We help our clients to deliver projects and processes with minimal health and safety non-compliance disruptions. 

We are a Company that focuses on Safety Engineering, Safety Consulting, and Risk Assessment. We are our clients’ partners in occupational safety for large construction projects and industrial processes. 

Our teams are working in various fields such as renewable energies (particularly in wind and solar power plants) and for well-known companies with high safety standards. 

We help develop and document occupational health and safety standards for interested entities. 

Our experts include engineers qualified in safety and civil engineering with additional skills. One core competence we offer our customer is carrying out appraisals and assessments in reference to HSE management, occupational health and safety and fire protection.

Our services include overall Health and Safety consulting, Safety Engineering, Risk Assessment, safety audit under Occupational Safety and Health Act, and site safety management. 

We allocate HS specialists to provide advice and oversight and target zero harm to people and environment.


Value for money is a key factor in the success of projects and goes hand in hand with other competing demands such as aesthetics and personal preference. Through carefully planned design workshops and review processes spearheaded by our staff, we are able to ensure value engineering and management is undertaken to guarantee that the best design and construction solutions are implemented giving regard to entire project life cycle from construction to disposal. Our knowledgeable staff apply systems to support the delivery of the most effective cost solutions for your project. From inception through project completion to final payment, we provide informed evaluation of competing costs and needs, define and apply best value criteria and ensure essential decisions are made correctly. 

This is done through value engineering and design workshops and examines various factors including cost estimations, specified scope and specifications and alternatives. Our staff also ensure regard is given to post construction maintenance and serviceability.


Our cost and change management systems actively control cost at all project stages to deliver ‘no surprise’ financial conclusions. We provide a range of cost management services, tailored to meet the requirements of each client, including: cost control; tender documentation; risk and value management; and the like. We incorporate change management procedures into project procurement to allow full cost control and to enable informed, timely decisions to be made.

We are able to identify risks and   align the project scope, specifications, and schedule with budget requirements.

We ensure project cost plans are progressively developed and updated at every stage of the project in order to increase project certainty and success rate.


Given   the industry variables and constraints that affect the quality delivery of project, on time and to budget, we rely on our broad experience to advise clients on the pros, cons and contractual management approaches to protect the client’s interests.

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